Removing Asbestos Risks In And Around Liverpool

The word asbestos has so many negative connotations, and immediately makes you think of older people suffering with chronic lung diseases. While that’s certainly a very real risk of inhaling air contaminated with asbestos fibres, how real is the risk to the general public?

Asbestos has been used a lot in buildings in the past – most often as a fireproofing material in areas like staircases in big buildings. There’s a distinct irony in the fact that it was actually included in buildings with the intention of making them safer, yet as time has gone on, it’s become clear that the use of asbestos in construction processes is anything but safe. Actually, the risk has been deemed so serious that the substance has been completely banned from use for around twenty years. That means that a significant number of homes and business premises are actually asbestos free – and that’s almost certain if they’re less that two decades old.

Liverpool does, on the other hand, have more that its fair share of older housing, public buildings, offices and factories, and with that comes a greater risk. What’s more, it is believed that the North West had a higher than average use of asbestos in new buildings in the 1960s and 1970s, meaning that there’s also a good chance that those post war buildings might have some nasty surprises lurking.

The good news is that you don’t need to immediately call for the asbestos removal Liverpool experts, as the main risk comes from the materials being moved or otherwise disturbed, which makes the majority of the provision needed when you either modify or demolish a building. Of course, construction in the first place would also be a significant risk, but as that’s now illegal, it can be ignored in this case. While it’s true that general wear and tear over time can be an issue, buildings remaining in good condition are unlikely to become a risk in the near future.

The removal process is actually relatively straightforward, and more so if you’re hiring someone to do it in your home or business buildings. Quite simply, it’s not something you can do yourself, so it’s as simple as getting a quote and agreeing terms to proceed. It’s also not as expensive as it used to be, and there are plenty of regulated companies in Liverpool and around the Wirral available to help. just go to your preferred company, or use a tool to get a free quote on an asbestos removal website.

They’ll get in touch, usually in a matter of hours, and you can provide more information about the removal work required. In fact, it’s often easier to invite them to come and view the area themselves, and that’s usually a good time for them to complete a survey to assess any risk and what action needs to be taken. Sometimes it’s actually best to do nothing – if there’s no risk at present and it’s very unlikely to change, sometimes it’s better to leave the asbestos where it is. Of course, if you’re looking to demolish buildings, that’s less likely to be the case, but for the average home-owner, simply getting the professional advice to confirm to action is necessary gives valuable peace of mind.

To summarise, there’s no need to panic if you suddenly find yourself with reason to believe that you’ve discovered the presence of asbestos. There’s a good chance there’s no threat to your health, but you should seek professional help if you’re concerned. Simple tests can be used to determine the scale of any risk, and professional contractors will be able to tell you more about any work that needs to be completed, and give you estimates on likely costs. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that asbestos kills, even if that can take decades. It’s not worth taking the risk and ignoring your fear, so get the help you need and find out either way.


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