Getting Mobile Data Cheap Without Regularly Swapping Sims

We all know someone that boasts about how many sim cards they’ve got – and we’re not talking drug dealers here. There’s long been an obsession in the geekier corners of our communities that revolves around getting the best mobile deals by using multiple sims in complex ways to get the cheapest deals.

The gist of the way people do it is to order free sim cards from the mobile networks that are on specific tariffs and then swap between them on your mobile handset, unless of course you’ve got several that you like to carry around. Personally, while I do have a drawer full of old iPhones that I’ve gradually upgraded through over the years, I can’t say that carrying several of them around with me all the time appeals.

Similarly, the thought of constantly switching over the sim cards isn’t exaclty exciting to me either, even if it does save me a few quid. Yes, I know that some people will be shouting at their screens now to somehow alert me to the face that dual sim phones exist, but a lot of the people I’m talking about deal with way more than two sims at any given time, and what’s more, spending a fortune on a dual sim handset isn’t exactly going to stack up against saving a few pounds a month on my airtime bill.

Sticking to the single smartphone with a single sim idea, there’s also the downside of people trying to call or text – the chances are the wrong sim will be in the phone when that contact is made, so the best i can hope for is to pick up a voicemail later or to respond to text messages on delay.

The secret today is much more about how you use your phone than mucking about with multiple sim cards. The place to start is a free sim card on a major network with a ton of data included every month at no additional cost. The great news is they’re everywhere at the moment, and you can achieve it either on prepaid pay as you go deals, or alternatively look at a sim only contract instead. Typically you can get several gigabytes included and all you need to do is top up by a few quid (rarely more than £10) each month. Similarly with sim only, £10 will get a huge data allowance.

So, what about calls and texts I hear you ask? Actually I didn’t hear a thing – it’s nothing more than a guess, but you should be asking!

Simple – use data to do both wherever possible. Let’s face facts here, a huge amount of people have iPhones, so if that’s you and your mates, you can just iMessage and FaceTime (or FaceTime Audio if you hate video calls like me) to use the mobile data connection instead of the traditional calls. If you’re not an iPhone owner (or calling/texting someone that’s not), you can use Skype instead. That’s just one example too, Skype is widely available as a smartphone app, but it’s far from the only one.

What’s more, a large chunk of tariffs that include large data allowances also include at least a small number of calls and texts too – and you’ve often still got your top up balance to use if you really need to too.

Hopefully that’s a great run down of just why multiple sim cards and switching phones should be a thing of the past, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t order a new sim. As with most things (gas and electricity spring to mind), staying on the same tariff too long often gets expensive, so make sure you’re getting a good deal. It’s so easy to switch, and you can almost always take your phone number with you too – there’s no excuse to pay more than you need!